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ezManageOnline F.A.Q.

Below there are questions that ezManageOnline customers ask frequently, and answers to such questions.

Q. What kind of system is ezManageOnline? Is it a task management system?
A. Yes, ezManageOnline> can be considered an intentionally simplified task management system, focused on tracking tasks with the ability of getting regular status reports.
Q. If I am assigned to a task and have completed my work on it (or my part of work if the task is assigned to a group of people), how should I let my manager know that I have completed?
A. Generally, the manager of the task decides on his/her own if you have completed or not. However, you can let him/her know about this explicitly in your last report for the task or on the appropriate discussion board.
Q. When creating a task and assigning it to a user within my company by e-mail, I enter an e-mail address – what if I specify an address of somebody not explicitly registered in ezManageOnline, will he/she recieve notifications on the task?
A. If you assign a task to a user by e-mail, the user is registered automatically in the background, and he/she will receive notifications on the task as soon as he/she confirms his/her registration in the system.
Q. We liked your system very much but it would be more comfortable and secure for us to use it internally, within our company's intranet only. Is it possible to get and deploy an instance of your system this way?
A. Yes, we are open to such solutions. Write us about your particular needs (for example, via the support form above) and we will do a deal.
Q. Is there a possibility to extend the limitations of a free account's basic features for my deeper trial of ezManageOnline?
A. Yes, we can extend the limitations by a user's request. You can easily apply for a quantity of resources adequate to requirements of your particular business. Current limitations will be removed in the Version 2.0 of the ezManageOnline software.
Q. What means “company” in ezManageOnline?
A. “Company” within ezManageOnline means a group of people using the service to manage their collaborative work and activities. “Company” might be a real company, or a department of some company, or maybe your family and friends, or even nobody but you might be considered a “company” if you use ezManageOnline just for reminding yourself about current tasks (i.e. utilizing the service just as an on-line scheduler).
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